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Meet the Maker: Passion Lilie (and pre-order the new collection now!)

Meet the MakerDaisy McClellanComment

Katie Schmidt is the New Orleans-based designer behind Passion Lilie, a women's fair trade and eco-friendly clothing line featuring hand block printed or handwoven fabrics. She describes her styles as "streamlined silhouettes with a flair for the vintage and retro." 

Learn more about Katie's inspirations, worldwide travels and more. And pre-order her newest collection from us seen on our model in the pictures below!

Frostine Dress available  here

Frostine Dress available here

Where do you draw inspiration? Or who inspires you?

I create all the patterns, samples and technical drawings by hand. My heart and soul go into every piece. My color inspiration for the prints comes from nature. I am very in tune with my surroundings and I believe that by wearing colorful, happy prints and patterns it will brighten your mood. I am fascinated by the ancient Indian artisanal techniques of dyeing and weaving. The print and color patterns allow for a plethora of design possibilities. I design for all ages and body types and every season my goal is to create a collection that will inspire confidence in the woman who wears it.

Poppy Wrap Dress available  here

Poppy Wrap Dress available here

If you could eat at any food truck, what would it be? And what would you get?

I am a sucker for Mexican food. Originally being from California, Mexican food is a key part of my diet. If the food truck does a good tamale, then that would be my first choice. But I can always do some delicious shrimp or chicken tacos.

What do you like most about the maker community?

I love the supportive camaraderie In New Orleans. We have a great maker community and we are like a big family. We support each other in new adventures and any time a tourist comes to town we are quick to recommend the art and treasures that our fellow makers create.

Ikat Jacket available  here

Ikat Jacket available here

Where is your favorite place to travel?

That is a very difficult question for me to answer. I have been to 27 countries and I loved them all. For beautiful beaches - Brazil and Thailand are top on my list, but I do love my trips to India. Despite how busy and crazy India is, when I go there I find a sense of peace and I am humbled. I love all the art and culture in India - that country never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

What does your work space look like? 

When I am in the thick of designing and patterning- I have notes pinned all over the walls with measurements and ideas and pile of construction paper (for patterning) on the floor next to me.

Chevron Sweatshirt available  here

Chevron Sweatshirt available here

What do you want for your next birthday?

To be in the company of friends and family…. And maybe on a beach or enjoying some good food.

The gather family is growing!

Daisy McClellanComment

When Christian and I opened gather we joked that the store was our first baby.  We worked for months to open up our dream space and then worked practically everyday that first year.  It truly was a labor of love. 6 months after we celebrated our first year anniversary we welcomed our first son Hunter into the world and actually experienced parenthood and everything wonderful and crazy it entails. Hunter quickly became the shop's little mascot running all around the racks and quickly making fans. Later this month we welcome baby #2 and we couldn't be more excited.  Our regulars have always been so lovely with Hunter and we know they will welcome our newest babe with love. We think about the shop's our first baby! So if we aren't physically in the shop those first few weeks after the birth know that we are constantly working behind the scenes. Christian jokes that you can't keep me away for very long. We'll will be nesting but will make time for visits and then pretty soon you'll see us working away, baby in carrier behind the counter. We truly are a mom and pop shop!

Here are some pictures from a recent photo shoot we wanted to share! I'm wearing Passion Lilie, Christian is wearing One World Brothers, and Hunter is wearing Boro Boro. All fair trade and local small businesses that can be found in the shop!

New Women's Fall Arrivals

Delise MartireComment

San Francisco fall season can be unpredictable; tank and shorts one day, booties and cardigan the next. If we’re lucky, perhaps we’ll pull out our umbrellas once in a while! What makes an Indian summer fun is the range of pieces we can show off from our wardrobes, and blend summer colors with fall basics. gather is happy to make that transition with you as we bring in our new fall items!

First up is one of our personal favorites: the dark grey pebble knit cardigan from Make it Good.  It is the perfect balance of stylish and  comfortable, with a soft flannel lining that is still light enough for fall. Grab it before going out on a chilly San Francisco evening, or throw it on during a cozy night in with tea and a good book.  

You can also dress up Make it Good’s dark grey cardigan with these beautiful crystal necklaces from Jax Kelly. Choose your stone according to your birth month or simply on your mood! 

How about adding a new patterned blouse to your work attire? This orange leopard dot blouse from Bridge and Burn drapes beautifully; you can tuck it into some black or faded grey skinny jeans, add a leather belt, and pull on some boots. We recommend adding some pieces of gold jewelry to pair with this lovely shade of orange! (Displayed with: Harumi K Black Diamond miniskirt, Lanyapi Designs’ Blue Goldstone Triangle necklace)

And if orange is really your color, you can add Floss Gloss’s new nail polish color, Donatella, to your collection! All of their products are cruelty free and formulated without formaldehyde.

For a casual weekend hangout, check out Preloved’s new rendition of the flannel look: a patchwork of flannel, denim, and lightweight jersey sleeves. Available in store in this red and black, black and grey, also a green and grey!

Lastly, scarves are a must have this season for those “not-cold-not-so-warm” days. Add some flair to any of your basic tees with these new, fun patterns from Passion Lillie.