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Meet the Maker: Harumi K

Meet the MakerCara CoreyComment

You might recognize Sherry's tops, dresses and kimonos both from her line, Harumi K Womenswear, and our collaboration with her, gather x Harumi K. She says she designs clothes that transition easily from work to play with textural details and modern lines. 

Keep reading to learn more about Sherry and her work space in Oakland.

Where do you draw inspiration? Or who inspires you? 

I find inspiration in architecture, art, food, nature - sometimes in the least expected places, I will see shapes or a composition that speaks to me.

If you could eat at any food truck, what would it be? And what would you get?

I've been wanting to try the Senor Sisig food truck - there's always such a long line! I would get the TOSILOG BURRITO: Filipino Sweet Pork, adobo garlic rice, fresh tomatoes and a fried egg. 

What do you like most about the maker community? 

I love the supportive maker community in the Bay Area. It is not easy to run a small business, especially in the early stages! I've met so many talented local designers and makers - and it's so great to be able to share resources, tips, and collaborate with them.

What is your favorite place to travel? 

Japan. I'm fortunate to have family there, so I have been going there almost every year. The food is amazing, and the fabric shopping in Tokyo's Nippori District is so dangerous. I always bring a huge empty duffel bag with me to fill with fabric.

What does your work space look like?

I primarily work in my dining room - my husband built a raised platform that goes over our dining table, so it acts as my cutting table/standing desk. You will often find my cat Spartacus, trying to help! 

My sewing machines, fabrics, and inventory are stored in a spare bedroom - and the cats are NOT allowed in that room!

What do you want for your next birthday? 

A trip to Spain!