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Meet the Maker: Theia Grazi

Meet the MakerCara CoreyComment

Next up in our Meet the Makers series are Amy Wong and Anya Evfimiou, co-owners of Theia Grazi Clothing Co., LLC. They make casual knitwear for women - stylish and comfortable dresses and separates - from their studio in Redwood City, CA.

Get to know these two talented designers from their answers below. 

Where do you draw inspiration? Or who inspires you? 

We draw a lot of our inspiration from the beauty of nature. We also love the Japanese culture and the Kimono (how simple the design is). Our last few collections have been inspired by those as well as flowers/patterns of Japan.

If you could eat at any food truck, what would it be? And what would you get? 

Amy's favorite food trucks are the dessert ones; Cupcakes and creampuffs. Or anything chocolate for Amy. Anya doesn't normally eat from food trucks, but if she did, she would look for a food truck that sells vegan food.

What do you like most about the maker community? 

The maker community here in the bay is full of talented, down-to-earth people who are helpful and resourceful. We love that we have many friends in the maker community and that we all help each other out.

Where is your favorite place to travel? 

Amy's favorite place to travel is Hawaii. She loves the beach and loves how the island of Kauai is peaceful and calming. Anya just loves to travel and she likes to explore new countries, cultures and people.

What does your work space look like? 

We have a small studio in Redwood City where we do all of our designing and sample making. It's a warehouse-type place and we love it. 

What do you want for your next birthday? 

Amy would love to travel to Italy with her husband for her next birthday. Anya would love a trip to India.

Photos by Ana Villafane and YM Photography