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Daisy's Closet Sale

Daisy McClellanComment

After the arrival of our cutie Cole, I decided to organize my closet. I found some really great gems that I am ready to part with. I thought a closet sale would be fun so have listed those items here. It’s a mix of independent and local designers as well as items from my favorite bay area boutiques. You’ll also find a few items left over from shutting down the retail part of gather. Some really awesome pieces in various sizes that still have the tags on them! I’ve reduced all the items to just a fraction of the retail value so that I can make the space for our growing family. Shipping is just $5 for the first item and $1 for each item after that. All sales final.

Sarah Liller Jumpsuit  retails for $198 but now $50

Sarah Liller Jumpsuit retails for $198 but now $50

Find all the items in our online shop here.