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Girl Gang Craft #Smallbiz Summit: 5 things we can't wait for!

Daisy McClellanComment

Have you heard about the Girl Gang Craft #Smallbiz Summit happening in Oakland on August 17th yet? It’s a fun one day conference for the bay area creative community. We just got our ticket and could not be more psyched. Here are the top five reasons we’re excited:

1) This isn’t your average boring summit. Yes, we plan to learn and absorb some important stuff but it’s also meant to be fun. There will be happy hour, workshops, and real talk from some hella inspiring speakers. Basically the perfect day we’d say.

2) The keynote speaker is former gather maker, Carissa Potter of People I’ve Loved. We sold her amazing products that explore topics of depression, self-care, and love in the store since we opened and have admired all that she has accomplished. She is has become a household name! We love her refreshingly honest take on life so cannot wait to hear her speak in person and learn all the things.

3) The conference will cover things that sometimes don’t come naturally to us creatives, (ahem - taxes and money). It will be so nice to hear from experts about these things that are so important but we often put on the back burner. This will only motivate and empower us in business.

4) Katie Dean Jewelry (another former gather maker!), will be on a panel devoted to Social Media. Not only do we adore this gem of a business woman but have mad respect for her social media skills. Seriously we want' to know her secrets! We will be taking lots of notes!

5) And last but not least the main reason we are excited for this summit is that there aren’t enough events out there like this. Connecting with our community is one of our biggest values and this summit couldn’t be more needed right now. As a business owner and a mom I often don’t do things like this for myself but it is so important. It is imperative that we invest in ourselves! A day to filled with inspirational talks, workshops, and networking is just what we need. What about you? Will I see you there? I’d love to connect!

Girl Gang Craft #Smallbiz Summit

Saturday August 17th: 10a-6p

Oakland's Scottish Rite Center (Upstairs)

Register now!