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Spring Vacation Packing Tips!

Melody WangComment

We're excited to be taking Hunter on his first vacation to Canada, and later to France this spring! With a new baby, it's even more important for us to pack thoughtfully and smart. Here's our list of tips and reminders to help you prepare for your spring vacation: 

1. Bring a cozy sweater or scarf that can double up as a blanket on the plane
We don't know about you, but flights seem to either be uncomfortably warm and stuffy or freezing cold, so it's important to dress light, but bring a layer with you. We suggest Margarette Laizure's sweatshirt cape, soft and comfy, and long enough to cover up to your legs on the plane, yet still a trendy layer over jeans or a dress for going out! 

2. Bring a travel bag
With limited cabin space for carry-on luggage, expensive luggage check in fees, and the one bag one personal item rule, we suggest bringing a travel bag that can hold all your travel essentials plus the small purse/clutch/cross-body you want to use when you arrive. This allows you to sneak in an extra personal item while freeing up more room in your luggage bag. We love the reversible Lady Alamo Messenger Bag, with it's big external and internal pockets, shoulder strap, and two reversible patterns. Our favorite part? This bicycle pattern can easily turn inside out into a solid slate grey bag! 

3. Bring extra chapstick
Whether you're headed for a ski/snowboarding trip or somewhere sunny and warm, you're sure to need chapstick to keep those lips healthy in dry climates. We always make sure to pack extra and distribute them in various purses and pockets so you never find yourself without when in need. We love this clementine flavored lip therapy from Molly Muriel, made from all natural ingredients and small enough to stick in jean pockets. 

4. Choose simple, versatile jewelry
We know sometimes it is difficult to anticipate what jewelry you'll need or be in the mood for, and it's difficult to bring your entire collection, so we suggest selecting simpler pieces that can be paired with several different outfits. Consider a smaller piece with less embellishment, like this 14K gold bar necklace from Silver Sheep Jewelry

5. Bring the everyday dress
Even if you don't have anything fancy planned, it's always good to make sure you have a special outfit for a nicer dinner, concert, or just shopping in a nice boutique district. You never know when you're find yourself in a situation where you'd like to be a bit more dressed up! We like this light blue bird print wrap dress from Field Day because it is comfortable and lightweight, requiring very little space in your luggage case. It's a cute, casual piece but can also easily be dressed up with a nice cardigan and some jewelry.

6. Bring an Emergency Kit
If you're just one of those people who always forgets something, consider purchasing one of these MiniEmergency Kit from Pinch Provisions, including 17 essentials for tiny troubles, available for Her or for Him. Everything is made to be fit into a tiny pouch that can fit in your purse. 

Happy Vacationing!