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New Women's Fall Arrivals

Delise MartireComment

San Francisco fall season can be unpredictable; tank and shorts one day, booties and cardigan the next. If we’re lucky, perhaps we’ll pull out our umbrellas once in a while! What makes an Indian summer fun is the range of pieces we can show off from our wardrobes, and blend summer colors with fall basics. gather is happy to make that transition with you as we bring in our new fall items!

First up is one of our personal favorites: the dark grey pebble knit cardigan from Make it Good.  It is the perfect balance of stylish and  comfortable, with a soft flannel lining that is still light enough for fall. Grab it before going out on a chilly San Francisco evening, or throw it on during a cozy night in with tea and a good book.  

You can also dress up Make it Good’s dark grey cardigan with these beautiful crystal necklaces from Jax Kelly. Choose your stone according to your birth month or simply on your mood! 

How about adding a new patterned blouse to your work attire? This orange leopard dot blouse from Bridge and Burn drapes beautifully; you can tuck it into some black or faded grey skinny jeans, add a leather belt, and pull on some boots. We recommend adding some pieces of gold jewelry to pair with this lovely shade of orange! (Displayed with: Harumi K Black Diamond miniskirt, Lanyapi Designs’ Blue Goldstone Triangle necklace)

And if orange is really your color, you can add Floss Gloss’s new nail polish color, Donatella, to your collection! All of their products are cruelty free and formulated without formaldehyde.

For a casual weekend hangout, check out Preloved’s new rendition of the flannel look: a patchwork of flannel, denim, and lightweight jersey sleeves. Available in store in this red and black, black and grey, also a green and grey!

Lastly, scarves are a must have this season for those “not-cold-not-so-warm” days. Add some flair to any of your basic tees with these new, fun patterns from Passion Lillie.