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Halloween Costume Ideas

Melody WangComment

Always looking for reasons to dress up, San Francisco naturally loves to celebrate Halloween! This year we've put together a few looks that will make picking out your Halloween costume a breeze. The best part? The pieces you pick out from gather won't just go straight to the back of your closet after the 31st. Without the costume make up and accessories you can incorporate all these items into your current wardrobe!

First up is this flattering black dress with a white lace collar from Fleet Collection. Part your hair down the middle and plait them into two braids, dab some dark eye-liner around your eyes, and you've got yourself a Wednesday Addams costume: 

Or perhaps you'd like a more glamorous look? Try this new little black dress from Apricity with criss-crossed back straps. It's flattering on nearly everyone who tries it on! Tie your hair up in a bun, find some cheap pearls, add a pair of black gloves, and you've got yourself Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's! This dress can take you from Halloween parties to holiday soirees - just add your favorite statement necklace and colorful cardigan:

And you can always add this pair of vintage hush puppies kitten heels from our vintage shoe collection to complete the costume. And at less than $10 these babies are a steal!:

For a more recent television icon, we have plenty of 60's vintage dresses to pull off looks from Mad Men, like this yellow Fleet Collection dress! Throw on a brown bob wig and dab on some red lipstick to get a stellar Peggy:

More of a Betty? We have a variety of Field Day floral printed halter dresses made from recycled fabric. Complete the look with one of our a pairs of locally made stud earrings made from vintage materials:

Just wanna be a princess for a day? Pisces & Leo supplies us with eccentric vintage items like this blue Asian Floral dress, perfect for Mulan:

If you have a little one, we have some fun items, like this baby bandanas from Jenny Irene, a must-have for a baby cowboy! They're available in-store in four different patterns for both boys and girls.

Or...these moccasins, just because who wouldn't want to dress their baby with these?

Stop in for more ideas! We are happy to assist in all your Halloween costume needs!